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From Businesses to Individual clients, manage your client relations online with cloud-based Daftra. Stay connected to your prospects and clients, close deals and sell to customers while catering to their needs, from purchases, assigned specialists, to online appointment bookings and follow-ups, subscriptions and memberships and access to their own portal.

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Manage an integrated database of contacts

Create dedicated customers’ profiles within a unified database of contacts and stay connected to them. You can add even more data in each customer profile with custom fields to personalize records your own way and add the information you regard necessary.
Categorize contacts to specialize communication with them. Attach notes and view customers’ information, appointments, payment statuses and full account statements from their profiles.

Assign staff members at the customer’s service

Give clients the experience they deserve with personalized treatment. Dedicate specialized staff to handle a client or a group of categorized clients based on their expertise or at the client’s own request. Keep track of the history of staff members’ communications, activity and transactions made by the staff on the clients’ profiles for better tracking and monitoring.

Provide a reliable Customer Portal

Make communication more efficient and give clients the control by offering them their own version of the system with Daftra Customer Portal where they can have access to their own personal information and invoices, be able to fulfill online payments, in addition to viewing shared attachments and receiving notifications of due payments and appointments. Customers can also make online booking requests via their portal, selecting their required service and the employee to be assigned according to their preference, at their own comfort.

Provide access to your customers to their accounts on the system

Communicate with your customer effectively through the flexible experience offered by the Daftara system, where you can give the customer the authority to register an account for him via the Internet, in addition to the powers of the account that you created for him in the system, so you can enable the customer to view his profile, including all his personal data, and modify it, With the ability to view shared notes and attachments, bills due and pay them online as well as price offers and approval, you can also give him the power to view appointments and reservations and make reservations online, in order to obtain a more interactive experience with your customer to facilitate the necessary procedures and save time and effort.

Manage online bookings

Follow up on clients and keep them engaged by scheduling appointments for follow-ups, project discussions and more. Assign timing and available staff to confirm and share the appointment details with the client with automatic notifications and reminders.

Offer client memberships

Elevate clients’ experience by offering tailored memberships, fully customizable packages and subscription plans. Design your own membership bundles, assign points and credits, invoice members with subscription details and fees and follow up with clients’ attendance and plan consumption. Easily charge for extra points, manage credit charges and usage, renew plans and offer vouchers.

Take clients’ projects to the next level with work orders

Create dedicated work order files to manage complete client projects, seamlessly include all the project’s financial transactions, documents and related appointments in one centralized space. Follow up on the project, track your real-time spendings based on a pre-set budget, add expenses, incomes and generate profitability reports that you can easily share with your contracted client.

Manage your customers' installments and payments effectively

Divide the bills owed by your customers into installments with simple steps. Use the advanced tools in the Daftara system to divide the payments owed by your customers according to the installment agreement between you and them. Follow up on paying them first. Send alert notifications of due installments. Provide your customers with payment options, whether electronic payment via the Internet. Or other payment options supported by the system, and follow the process of collecting outstanding bills through the easy-to-use interface with advanced tools with an integrated bookkeeping system.

Form insights with client reports

Generate detailed client reports that display their balance and account statements, sales and purchases, payments, installments and appointments details. Make data-informed decisions about your communication and performance with clients in regard to various system modules integrations.

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