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ERP business management systems and programs
SouqSoft provides its customers with an integrated management service for ERP solutions and accounting software, from evaluation, configuration, to data transfer and support. .

Education, training and electronic content solutions
We provide services, solutions and software for e-learning and training content and learning management systems.

We also provide software production services for people with different disabilities such as the deaf, blind and others.

Design, programming and development solutions
We develop and program smart phone applications, websites, online stores and web applications using many programming languages.

E-commerce solutions
We have all the solutions available to start your project in electronic commerce, designing the website, application, and online store as well, in cooperation with electronic payment gateways, delivery companies, marketing, electronic advertising, and external advertising management.

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Design and programming – e-learning – e-commerce
Because the Soft Souq platform is not one company, it is a group of experts and trusted companies in the Arab countries to provide solutions with ease, and also the Soft Souq platform provides you with choosing the best solution from the best place.

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solutions and services

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