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E-learning is an educational system that relies on distance education through the use of communication and information technologies via the Internet, computers or tablets by providing targeted educational programs at any time and anywhere.

It transforms the educational process from the stage of indoctrination to the stage of interaction, innovation, creativity and skill development, as it enables the learner to follow his lessons according to his ability and speed of understanding and according to his skills and previous experience, which gives him the opportunity to learn better.

E-learning platforms

E-learning platforms help provide educational content in an easy and simple way to the learner and solve the problem of the knowledge explosion and the increasing demand for education, which provides opportunities for many students to take their opportunity in education. It also helps in increasing the skills of workers by providing lessons and skills without the need to leave work.

Some of our educational content services

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Advantages of e-learning

E-learning systems provide different reports for the parent and teacher to help monitor and guide the student’s level.

It provides an interactive learning environment between the students and the teacher and increases the suspense and love of knowledge by presenting it in different ways, which breaks the stalemate and increases the opportunities for understanding and learning.

Flexibility where learning can be done at any time and from anywhere, so the student can learn at the right time and in any place.

Develop and update educational programs easily without high cost and in a faster time.

It allows the learner to learn at any age, so there is no specific age requirement for learning and developing skills.

It provides learning opportunities and self-development of skills through educational lessons in their various forms available on e-learning platforms.

Its cost is low compared to traditional education, as the student only needs a computer and the Internet.

It provides a safe learning environment away from the risks that may occur during practical experiments, such as experiments in chemistry subjects, or fear of the spread of viruses such as the Corona virus.

E-learning content services, solutions and software

E-learning is one of the distinguished services that we offer in Soft Market because we believe in the importance of education in addition to solutions and software for content and e-training. We also provide software production services for people with different disabilities, deaf and blind people.