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E-learning is one of the services that we provide, in addition to solutions and software, content, e-training, and learning management systems. The company also provides software production services for people with different disabilities such as the deaf, blind, and others.

E-learning and training systems

E-learning systems provide an interactive environment for the school or university student to support the educational process and its transformation from indoctrination to creativity, interaction, and skill development. E-learning systems provide an integrated educational environment for conducting discussion and conversation between the learners themselves, and between them and the teacher. White - Virtual classrooms - Conferencing (video, audio) - Chat rooms. E-learning systems also provide recorded videos, recorded audio, exercises, tests, and assignments, which contributes to the learner’s access to study at the appropriate times for him, and enables him to re-study the material and refer to it electronically as needed. E-learning systems help provide different reports for the guardian and teacher.

Electronic content solutions

The company provides advanced solutions for the development of electronic content through all the technical tools necessary to convert traditional educational and training courses into interactive e-learning content, which can be added to the e-learning system or used directly in the classroom using interactive whiteboards and electronic projectors. The company provides electronic content in all forms, starting from designing and developing educational videos, authoring questions, and building complete educational or training curricula in the form of videos or simulations according to careful analysis of the courses and then determining the types of educational elements that are produced.