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E-learning is one of the most important means of education at the present time because it transforms the education process from the traditional educational process into a more enjoyable and exciting practice for students and trainees, which increases the enthusiasm of more demand for learning and understanding. Because of our belief in the importance of e-learning, we offer you e-learning solutions and the technologies necessary to transform Traditional educational courses to distinguished electronic educational content that helps you to deliver information professionally.

Smartphone Applications

Smart phone applications have become of great importance in our Arab world, and people rely on them for many things. Therefore, we design a smart application for Android and iOS that includes your educational content in an attractive way, with a design that suits your educational content, is characterized by simplicity and high quality, and is programmed with the latest smart application programming technology that guarantees its speed and ease of use. Always in contact with your students professionally.

What makes us different from others in Mobile App Design

original applications

Modern design

specialized applications

High quality

Some of our work in educational content solutions

As a marketing representative for the National Company for Information Technology

E-learning platforms

E-learning platforms have spread widely, due to the great success they have achieved in improving the educational process and making it more interesting for students and trainees. The advantages of distance learning platforms are that they facilitate access to information at any time, provide educational materials for students anywhere, and help in communicating with the teacher continuously and at a lower cost than traditional education.

You can get an integrated educational platform that contains all the elements for the successful completion of the educational process professionally

Protect content and videos to prevent downloading

Full support for live courses

Existence of a professional certification system

Continuous technical support service

Linking the platform to social media

Creating an Android and iOS application for the platform

Apps for people with disabilities

We do not forget our children with disabilities and special needs in their share of education and training, so we design special applications for people with disabilities according to the type of disability to solve the problems faced by students with disabilities such as difficulty in going to school or problems in communication and speaking in front of others, so we work hard to provide services Producing software for people with different disabilities, including the deaf, blind and others, with high accuracy and efficiency.

Video Games

Educational electronic games are an excellent means for distance learning, as they are an educational method that mixes education and entertainment, which increases the student’s love for learning and knowledge through entertaining educational content that has valuable educational and educational goals. Electronic games provide a set of meaningful activities that the student uses to reach the goal for which it was designed. This game comes out with a new concept and fun learning, and one or more players can participate in it, where the student can share the game with his colleagues and compete to win. It also provides an excellent educational environment for people with different disabilities, such as three-dimensional children’s stories for people with hearing disabilities, by adding sign language.

We can translate your educational content in the form of an interactive game designed and programmed with the latest software and 3D technology used on smart devices Android, iOS and in virtual reality VR and on computers using Wheel Inputs controls in the Arab world.

The best company designing educational applications and e-learning platforms in the Arab world

(souq soft) is a platform that provides software solutions and distinctive solutions for the development of the educational process by creating Android and iOS applications that provide useful educational content and keep you in constant contact with your students. We also offer unique 3D electronic games on smart devices Android, iOS and in virtual reality VR and on Computers using Wheel Inputs control tools to improve the educational process, educational platforms, electronic games and applications for people with different disabilities. We are honored to provide our services to all schools, universities, training centers and various educational bodies.