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An ERP System to Run Your Entire Business

Manage your business, from sales and invoicing, your books, your clientele and workforce to your inventory and operations. With powerful, fully integrated business management modules implemented to meet your business needs anywhere, anytime, seamlessly track in real-time, control and grow your business while our software supplements your work.

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Daftra Integrated Business Apps

Performing equally effectively, separately and simultaneously –
Use all, activate or deactivate to match your business needs.


Invoicing, POS, Sales Commission, Insurance Management, Offers, Installments


Expenses, Tax, Treasuries, Cheque Cycle, Chart of Accounts, Auto-Journals, Assets, Cost Centers, General Ledger, Financial Reports


Stock Tracking, Barcode, Purchases, Suppliers, Warehouses, Stocktaking, Requisitions, Price Lists

Human Resource

Employee Database, Payroll, Contracts, Attendance & Leave Management, Multi-Shifts, Requests, Loans


Work Orders, Project Management, Online Booking Management, Time Tracking


Contact Management, Appointment Assignment, Memberships, Points & Credits, Client Follow-Up, Client Attendance

Customized for more than 50 industries

Further customizations available per request.
Find out how Daftra helps you develop and manage your business.

Robust Online Sales Management Software

Cover sales from professional invoicing to estimates and quotations. Track client payments, installments, and set up insurance coverage. Ease client payments by offering multiple payment gateways including online payment. Sell in-person and on-the-go, with cloud POS. Set commission-based sales targets and track your teams’ performance.

Whatever your business is, Daftra will fit it!

Daftra is designed to fit a wide range of industries with countless customized apps

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End-to-end Accounting and Bookkeeping

Find automated, accurate books and journal entries, track transactions, monitor income and expenses. With a ready-made and modifiable chart of accounts; manage finances across branches according to your business structure.
Elevate your decision-making with real-time income and cash flow statements, general ledger, balance sheet and profit & loss reports.

Convenient Operations, beyond ERP

Manage efficient project management operations. Create work orders and set up projects. Track project expenses, assign designated employees, manage online bookings and schedule appointments, according to employees’ shifts. Log your hours with Time Tracking, your teams’ and collaborating freelancers’ hours and instantly invoice clients with them.
Keep an eye on finances with profit and loss reports and get a real-time view of your project performance and progress as you go.

Daftra Accounting software is built for both accountants and business owners with no accounting knowledge.

Daftara is an integrated accounting system designed with an easy-to-use interface that suits all users without the need for extensive accounting knowledge, along with advanced tools to help experts complete their work professionally.

Online CRM Software to Put your Clients first

Connect with your clients anywhere, anytime and elevate your Sales. Add clients’ data, create categorized profiles with our contact management system, follow up with transactions and payments. Offer clients memberships and track their consumption and attendance. Manage client appointments, notify them and set auto-reminders via email or SMS across our various integrated services.

Inventory and Suppliers Management Software

Manage products and services with Daftra complete and customizable inventory platform. Track stock level, issue purchase orders, easily replenish stock and always fulfill orders.
Transfer items and track inventory transactions across multiple warehouses and branches. Run stocktaking reports and take charge of your inventory across warehouses and online.

Complete Core Human Resources Management

Set up the HRM according to your policy. Customize your own organizational structure, manage employees’ records, contracts, attendance, restriction rules and shifts, create your own salary components, generate payroll and payslips automatically using trackable timesheets.
Monitor staff performance and get insights from a dynamic dedicated HR dashboard and integrated HR reporting.

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Why daftra an ideal partner for your business?

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Best in Class ERP System All-in-one Daftra is built to support your business

With an easy-to-use and fully customizable user interface

Modify the system interface within Daftra

Customize the system colors and add the logo of your company to fully reflect your business identity. Freely adjust the designs of invoices and quotations, alter the addresses and change colors and fonts to make all publications distinct and present in the minds of your customers when printed or sent.

Fully customize fields and auto-reminders

Use field customization and configure their properties to act as search and filter tools in the display menus. Set e-mail templates, redefine texts, send invoices and appointment details to customers automatically, and inform them of your latest updates.

No deep knowledge of accounting is required to work on the software

Daftara is an integrated accounting system designed with an easy-to-use interface that suits all users without the need for extensive accounting knowledge, along with advanced tools to help experts complete their work professionally.