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Human Resources Management Software

Daftra HRM provides a complete set of applications that covers all aspects of personnel, from organization structures, structuring designations, departments, and employee levels within the company to controlling work shifts, attendance records, adopting various leave rules and policies, running payroll and calculating salaries, creating work contracts for employees to take control over workforce management.

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Customized for more than 50 industries

The ability to customize the ledger system (sales management software) according to your business including built-in applications and interface designs to achieve your business goals.

Boost your Human Resources with Daftra

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Employees & Contracts

Organizational Structure

Attendance & Leaves

Payroll Processing

Requests & Loans

Manage your entire workforce aspects

From the organizational structure of your company to managing a complete database of employees and their contracts, Daftra is an all-in-one HRM software that enables you to successfully manage personnel, attendance and shifts, wages and payroll processing, permission restrictions, employees’ leave requests and loans, along with customizations and a dedicated employee self-service portal.

Record employees' data and define their roles

Maintain a database of employees’ records, including all their information and hiring details, their personal data, contract, job roles and work shifts, as well as specified attendance and leave policies in effect throughout their period of employment.

Set work times, shifts, attendance and leaves

With Daftra Attendance management, define different work shifts, manage multi-shifts, choose working days, set start and end times of each shift, and manage delays. Monitor attendance with IP address, location and photo-capture restrictions. Set attendance and leave requests and policies to be applied automatically onto employee records, saved manually or imported from fingerprint devices.

Create employment contracts and custom salary structures

Add full contract details for each employee with the contract start and end date and specify the employees’ probation period. Define salary components including earning and deduction components and customize salary structure per employee or department.

Let employees help themselves with Dafta ESS

Save more time and efficiencies and focus on the task at hand with Daftra employee self-service dedicated portal. Employees can view their own payslips and attendance sheet, send their own leave requests and manage others’ requests according to level or designation and you can restrict their permissions to view or deny access to certain information as needed.

Issue loans to employees and track their status

Advance loans to employees and track their payment collection stages accurately, with the facility of installing payments into equal monthly, quarterly or annual installments using automated loan and installments computation. Follow up on their status, and activate auto-installment payment from the employee’s salary.

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Assign duties and tasks to employees

Specify your business tasks and procedures by date and time and assign one of the employees to perform the required tasks, send them reminder notices from within the account or via SMS, and receive any notes or attachments related to the tasks assigned by the employee in charge.

Receive employee requests and make decisions remotely

Create a more interactive relationship with your employees and receive and manage their requests on the system, including leave requests. Take your decision to reject or approve, and the system notifies the employees of their request approval status on their own account.

Track latest updates, employees’ activity and interactions

Monitor procedures or operations performed by an employee through a set of different reports, or by viewing activity records in the employee’s file.

Identify top performers and inefficiencies

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Daftra Accounting software is built for both accountants and business owners with no accounting knowledge.

Daftara is designed with an easy-to-use interface that suits all users without the need for extensive accounting knowledge, along with advanced tools to help experts complete their work professionally.