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Daftra Inventory Management lets you organize products and warehouse transactions with a seamless interface. Add an unlimited number of products, manage multiple warehouses and monitor stock quantities and values ​​in real-time anywhere, at any time. Easily add and send purchase orders to suppliers and follow up with them. Assign authorized staff to manage inventory. Find a distinguished set of simple and advanced tools to manage and track your store or warehouse, easily and professionally.

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Easily add your products to the system

Register your products, services or bundled products with no limit in a file containing all necessary details easily and efficiently, or import product lists to your account from an externally prepared file that includes all product details including name, code, barcode, pricing details, rating, quantity, and adjust the quantity of any Manually produce in your inventory and add notes on every process, as well as update your products by importing an external file with the new data into your account to save time and effort.

Easily find products with Barcode

Daftra Inventory supports Barcode, so when adding new products you can read their barcode and search with barcode while adding them to purchase and sell items quickly and easily.

Create purchase orders and send them to your suppliers

Issue purchase orders, order quantities of products and nearly out-of-stock items. Confirm stock movements by approving inbound requisitions created automatically upon issuing the purchase order.

Receive stock shortage and out-of-stock automatic alerts

Manage your stores and warehouses and keep track of your products, get alerts if the stock of a product reaches a certain limit that you specify, create purchase orders and send them to the supplier quickly to refill your stock. Guarantee commitment to your customers, increase your profit and effectiveness.

Create batch products and monitor consumption of their constituent units

Easily add grouped products to your system according to your business. The advanced tools and features booklet allows you to track these products, their sales, and their quantity in stock, through a file that contains all the data of the grouped product, in addition to a special tab to track this product or the products that represent its basic configuration.

Track products with multiple available methods

Easily track stock items using their Serial number, Lot number, Expiry date. Use these available tracking methods to know the number of your products available in stock, and receive automatic alerts before an item is about to run out, as well, when it reaches a certain threshold that you specify when adding a product into your inventory database.

Add your warehouses and issue stock orders to accurately track product movement

Issue your stock orders easily with the advanced tools in daftra , as it provides you with the necessary tools to add your different warehouses to identify the products in them and manage them smoothly from one place, as well as the possibility of adding permissions to them, whether to exchange products when selling or an addition permission when buying or transferring between any of them in Simple steps.

View records of incoming and outgoing products by date, hour, and responsible employee

Get a detailed record of purchases and sales made on each product separately, including date, invoice number, unit prices, and quantities received and dispensed automatically after each sale or purchase, and add exchanges or supplies manually without invoices with details of each transaction including price and quantity; The program will automatically calculate the cost and inventory for you, as well as alert you if the quantity in stock is less than previously specified in the product file.

Carry out inventories for all your warehouses

Carry out inventories for your stores or warehouses effectively through inventory management in a bookkeeping system, so that the system shows you all your products in their updated quantities according to the buying and selling operations that took place on them, so that you can compare them with the actual quantities you have in your warehouses, and with the click of a button, make the required settlement and the system will work automatically To handle shortages or excesses in stock, for all of your company’s warehouses from one place at any time.

Follow up on employees in the warehouse

Track your employees and manage their roles. Add your team members to the program and assign each employee roles and permissions to control inventory or issue sale and purchase orders.

Get insights with inventory reports

Daftra detailed reports and charts give you a comprehensive overview of your inventory and sales performance. Reports can be fully customized according to time, clients, and other filters to stay informed and improve your business, sales and profitability.

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Daftra Accounting software is built for both accountants and business owners with no accounting knowledge.

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